Solutions for Banks

The Software Synergy Group has professional relationships with vendors well established in the banking industry and can provide the necessary complementary skills for integrating back-office infrastructure solutions into their bank’s network environment.

 The U.S has one of the most highly regulated and highly fragmented banking environments in the world. Depending on a banking organization's charter-type and organizational structure, it may be subject to numerous federal and state banking regulators. Individual cities may enact their own financial regulation laws. Understanding banking industry regulations, we implement security policies at both the physical and system levels. Through the use of Windows security, firewalls and Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s) we comply with banking regulations in the design and maintenance of your network.

Financial institutions are required to perform security risk assessments, develop and implement security solutions that effectively detect, prevent, and provide timely incident response. We implement finance-industry security standards based on GLBA and SOX audits and, have assisted clients with FDIC Audit preparation and compliance.

Having an institution-wide Business Continuity (Disaster Recovery) Plan is also a regulatory requirement for financial institutions. We structure banking specific systems and services, anticipating and planning for disasters. We develop and maintain contingency/failover solutions at designated Disaster Recovery sites that satisfy bank regulatory standards.

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