Remote computer support is the fastest way for us to diagnose and solve many computer problems. It grants us immediate remote access to your computer (with, of course, your permission only). Not only can we solve your computer problems faster, but this solution also helps reduce IT costs associated with on-site support. Although some problems require on-site intervention in order to be solved, remote access oftentimes expedites the troubleshooting process and, in many cases, allows a technician to resolve the problem without visiting the client site.

This webpage provides a quick and easy way for a Software Synergy Group associate to provide remote support. We connect to your computer over the Internet via LogMeIn Rescue. By entering a valid 6-digit code and clicking the “Connect to technician” button below, you will be connected to a technician.

Please contact your Software Synergy analyst (or Steve Mills at: 305-588-3113) for a current 6-digit code.

Free Onsite Consultation  

The Software Synergy Group is offering a free initial consultation to discuss your IT needs. Click here to go to our free on site consultation request page

White Papers   

We have several white papers that may be of interest to you. They are free! Please click here to go to the whitepaper page.

If you want to download the article just provide your email address and we’ll send the entire white paper to you at no charge.